Has stress taken control of you?

  • Are you more focuses on your future than your present??
  • Has your mood, energy, and perspective diminished?
  • Are you distant at work or at home??
  • Do you use sleep a sleep aid to combat insomnia??
  • Do you suffer from chronic headaches, stomach aches, indigestion, elevated heartbeat?


If you want to live your life optimally and begin to have respect for yourself, then it is about time to take control of the stress in your life. You can only do this by making changes to your habits.

Our high paced, globalized society has put in place an omnipresent yet invisible stress factor. On the other hand, there have never been more opportunities to develop ourselves as human beings. We need to turn around our mindset. We should create models for solving problems that are tailored to us as individuals depending on our careers, our children and their needs, etc.

Stress is a state of constant strain, to which our body and mind reacts. While stressed our body produces stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol, which cause a temporary hormonal imbalance. It is important to remember that stress is not an illness but that you can become extremely ill from the symptoms of stress. Everyone can deal with stress over a short period of time, perhaps giving a boost to an assignment we have. However, what we need to be weary of is long-term stress, which can have detrimental effects to our physical and mental health.

Start by taking it seriously:
Listen to yourself and what your body is telling you..

  • Do something good for yourself and make sure you have fun once in a while
  • Make your expectations realistic. Everything does not have to be perfect
  • Make your body more resilient physically by exercising
  • Get 7-8 hours of sleep
  • Think about your diet; your body is a biological system that needs the right amount of energy and nutrition
  • Meditate or take power naps
  • Talk to others about what is bothering you
  • Prioritize your time and remember to make time for yourself


Ten ideas for preventing stress

1. Learn to recognize your stress signal

2. Become aware of what stresses you

3.Be realistic when you set goals

4.Write things down – do not rely on your brain instead of post-its

5.Solve conflicts when they arise

6.Focus on the positive

7.Accept help from others

8.Create calm and balance in your life

9.Stick to the promises you make yourself

10.Live in the present