Lifestyle change

Lifestyle change – a new start

If you want to make a permanent lifestyle change, it can be necessary to have someone to motivate you and “kick” you through the first steps.

Pia Chartell can help you:
Clarify what you want to change
Focus on the mental part – it is in your mind you need to change first
You will not just be coached on what to do, but how to do it

Everyone can live a healthy lifestyle. It is about finding your own motivation; what works for you is particular to you. It is therefore important that we take a holistic approach, looking at you as an individual and where you are in your life, so that you lifestyle changes are sustainable.




  • Get more energy,
  • Better shape,
  • More wellness,
  • More confidence,
  • Better quality of life,
  • Calm and balance,
  • Less stress