Couple Therapy

Couple Therapy

Couple Therapy is a fast and effective way of getting your relationship/marriage work again. We can help you rediscover your family’s resources and the joy of being a family. If one person in the family is experiencing difficulty, it can have a negative impact on the entire family. Some times it is small adjustments that are needed to get everything to run smoothly again.

Do you know the feeling of:






  • Being busy – if just there were 28 hours in a day
  • Stress
  • Repetition of the same chores, making life seem idle
  • It being impossible to get through to your teenagers
  • Disagreements between you and your partner about how to raise the children
  • Never having time to do anything for yourself
  • Having given up fighting as you feel it does not make a difference
  • Not being able to see an alternative to divorce

It is worth acting and tackling the problems so that you can avoid loosing touch with your children or getting a divorce. But you have to act in time.
You can choose to begin to live your life again, instead of being rundown and unhappy most of the time. Make a decision, do something for your family instead of becoming part of the divorce statistics.