About Pia Chartell

Pia Chartell is the founder of Pia Chartell Coaching and Guidance through which she coaches both businesspeople and professional athletes.
After working as a designer and as head of human resources for several dot-com startups in the nineties, she realized that she has a passion for helping people. She went on to study a master in hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming in 2003. She went on to become a partner in CoachingPeople and gained qualifications in personal and sports coaching.
Since then she has constantly been working to engage with the latest knowledge within the field of personal development, with degrees in stress consultancy, nutrition science, corporate psychology, and the Enneagram personality types.
Pia’s mantra in life is to strive to be the best and obtain results. She is of the conviction that everything is possible if only you’re passionate enough about it. It is her philosophy on life is that you can be number one and still have fun.


Pia’s mission is to have fun and to live life to it’s fullest.